Reviewing Process

Reviewers will be required to only view the live content of the blog. We ask that they act in good faith, and refrain from digging into the repository’s logs and closed Pull Requests to find any identifying information on the authors.

Reviewers should motivate their final decision based on the following points:

  • Is there a significant added value in comparison to the cited papers? (BlogPosts have to be about a paper previously published at ICLR)
  • Is this added value supported by accurate, convincing, and clear arguments?
  • In case the field Conflict Of Interest is marked as YES the reviewers are asked to pay specific attention to how the related work mentioned in the field ICLR Papers: is the blogpost too positive (self advertisement) or too negative (unfair assessment of this related work)?

In order to access them please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the OpenReview submission page.
  2. To see the blogpost submission, go to the blogpost url specified in the field ‘Blogpost Url’. Example: In this submission is this link: This link is broken because it links to the main website. Instead, add the staging URI: